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Our marketing team give your business the right visibility that resonates in the minds of your clients. Dominion Consulting

We understand how daunting managing business support, production or service delivery could leave you with little or no time to work on your branding and marketing which is key to business survival in this ever-increasing competitive global market.

Are your brand strategy and customer experience inextricably linked?

Relevance is the prime determining factor for a brand’s long-term success. The strongest brands are relevant and make a difference in people’s lives. Every relevant brands in every industry consistently work on their brand strategies. They are on their toes to make smart, bold moves that “whao” customers, push competitors out of consideration, and – at times – define entirely new categories and markets. When your brand strategy and the experience you deliver to consumers are inseparably linked, you’ll achieve increased demand, greater share of wallet and loyalty levels competitors will envy.

Over the past 15 years, Dominion Consulting has helped more than 200 businesses of the world largest companies print their names on the minds of their clients. We harness our strength in building relevant brands, winning marketing strategies with our deep digital expertise and exposure to assist companies grow better and expand wider.

We can help your company with the following:

Brand Strategy Development

Product & Company Re-branding

Product Branding & Packaging Redesign

Marketing & Advertising

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