Cyber Forensics or Computer Forensics is the extraction of data and information from computer systems to function as digital evidence for civic purposes such as investigation of cybercrime. A cyber forensics training and certification enables organisations to rationalise their time and immense financial impacts. Interested individuals learn the fundamentals of forensics processes implementation. Trained examiners are equipped to effectively carry out computer forensics processes including evidence recovery and analytics.

We offer 2 professional levels of the Cyber Forensics training and certification:

  • Kickstarter (for beginners and inexperienced professionals interested in Cyber/Computer Forensics)
  • Lead Forensics Examiner (for professionals seeking to conduct Cyber Forensics processes in organisations)


Comprehend the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques used to implement and manage cyber forensics processes

Ideal for;

Individuals interested in cyber forensics

Individuals who want to pursue a career in cyber forensics



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The Lead Cyber Forensics Examiner training equips you with the expertise to carry out Cyber Forensics processes in order to obtain complete and reliable digital evidence.

This training is focused on core skills needed to collect and analyse data from Windows, Mac OS X, and Linus operating systems and mobile devices. You would gain in-depth knowledge of Computer Forensics fundamentals based on the best practices used to perform forensics evidence recovery ad analytical techniques.


  • Understand the duties of the lead computer forensics examiner during digital forensics investigation
  • comprehend the purpose of electronic media examination and its correlation with common standards ad methodologies
  • know the correct sequence of steps of a computer incident investigation and digital forensic operations
  • know the common commercial and open source tools that may be used during incident investigation and digital forensics operations
  • become an expert at planning and executing a computer forensics operation and the implementation and maintenance of a safety network to protect evidence


Ideal for:

Cyber forensics specialists and consultants

Cybersecurity professionals

Cyber intelligence analysts

Electronic data analysts

Computer evidence recovery specialists

Information security team members

Information technology expert advisors

Individuals responsible for examining media to extract and disclose data

IT specialists



Basic knowledge of cyber forensics

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