Lean Six Sigma Business Process Innovation (BPI)

It is increasingly tough to improve profitability through augmented revenues or additional customers alone. Such Dominion Consulting Nigeria initiatives more often than not take too long, the results are mixed and the forecasted savings are often inconsistent. As such, many clients turn to Dominion Consulting to enhance their profitability by improving operating efficiency and enhancing their customer experience. Dominion Consulting’s strategic process improvement approach to tactically improve operating efficiency is innovative, fast, and seamless in implementation.

At Dominion Consulting, we review client`s process framework and finds opportunities to innovate. This includes hub & spoke models, insourcing/outsourcing, on-shoring/off-shoring and new approaches to automation. Dominion Consulting’s prioritization matrix helps identify those processes that are mission critical and create competitive advantage.

Dominion Consulting then focuses only on transforming process areas that create rapid big win efficiency and cost reduction benefits for the client. Moreover, Dominion Consulting understands that successful processes are impacted by strategy, structure, technology and the culture of an organization. Dominion Consulting’s recommendations are therefore comprehensive covering all the four areas.

Dominion Consulting’s implementation methodology allows for rapid implementation leading to cost reductions starting as early as 12 weeks from the start of the programme. In many cases, Dominion Consulting takes responsibility in executing the recommendations with the management team to ensure full benefits are derived. Cedar’s innovative automation tool PROFIT is used to manage its process transformation programmes.