Innovative Product Development has the capacity to increase long-term financial performance and company value.

In today’s global environment where aggressive competition is common, Product Development is perhaps the core driver of long-term success. Product Development Consulting helps companies wanting to develop new offerings that generate revenue and grow market share. These practices can sustain, build competitive advantage and maintain customer loyalty. Innovation is not just important — it’s an imperative.  Dominion Consulting Nigeria

Our approach to engineering and design is holistic. We assist you develop new products and services that customers can’t resist. We integrate expertise at every stage of the process – with your original vision at top of mind – to ensure we create lasting value. We’ll get you from concept to certified product, ready to manufacture, much sooner than when you work alone.

The Catalyst Connection Difference

Manufacturers can achieve significant reductions in time-to-market and product costs by implementing a systematic innovation and product development consulting process that incorporates best practices, as well as newer concepts such as open innovation.

Our Product Development Consulting utilizes the most effective strategies and tactics in innovation and product development and right-sized them for small and mid-sized manufacturers, from ideation through product launch. As a result, we are helping companies develop innovative new products that increase long-term financial performance and company value.

Tools for Success

Innovation Acceleration – develop the building blocks to speed new product selection and development. During this three-month process, the team gains confidence through a series of “quick wins”.

New Product Development and Commercialization – we provide as much product development consulting as needed to help companies successfully develop and commercialize new products. Consulting can include grant writing, project management, proof of concept research and testing, identification of technical resources, and launch strategy development and execution.