(ISO 31000):

Risk is defined as the ‘effect of uncertainty on objectives’ (ISO 31000:2018). Risk refers to a positive or negative variation from expected results which can create opportunities and threats. Risk management caters for these uncertainties using coordinated activities to direct and control organisations. Risk Management helps organizations to remain resilient and develop a plan of actions and strategies which can eliminate or reduce the impacts of risks. ISO 31000 provides a set of principles, a Risk Management framework and process, which enables organisations take proactive measures to risks they face.

We offer 3 professional levels of the Risk Management (ISO 31000) training and certification:

  • Kickstarter (for beginners and inexperienced professionals interested in Risk Management)
  • Lead Risk Manager (for professionals seeking to master the implementation of Risk Management processes)
  • ISO 31000 Transition (to prepare individuals and organizations for successful transition of their Risk Management System from ISO 31000:2009 to ISO 31000:2018)


Learn the basic processes of Risk Management

Understand the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques used for Risk Management)

Ideal for:

Individuals interested/involved in Risk Management

Individuals seeking to know about the main processes of Risk Management

Individuals who want to pursue a career inRisk Management



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Master the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of risks in organisations

Understand the relationship between ISO 31000, ISO/IEC 31010 and other standards and regulatory frameworks

Learn how to interpret and implement the 31000 requirements in an organizational context

Gain expertise to support an organisation in management and monitoring of risks based on best practices

Learn how to establish an effective risk communication plan, and a risk recording and reporting process

Ideal for:

Managers or consultants who want to sharpen their skills to support implementation of organization-wide Risk Management framework and process

Expert advisors seeking to master the concepts, processes and strategies of Risk Management

Individuals responsible for creation and protection of value in organizations through effective Risk Management

Risk Management team members


Basic understanding of ISO 31000 and comprehensive knowledge of Risk Management

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ISO 31000 Transition

(ISO 31000:2009 to ISO 31000:2018):

The ISO 22301 transition course is for individuals and organisations seeking to transit from ISO 31000:2009 to the ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management System

Understand the uniqueness of the ISO 31000:2018 against the ISO 31000:2009

Understand the new concepts and recommendations of ISO 31000:20018

Understand the approaches, methods, and techniques used to manage risks within an organisation

Ideal for:

Individuals who want to gain knowledge of Risk Management principles, framework and process based on ISO 31000:2018

Risk managers, consultants and/or individuals responsible for risk management in an organization

Individuals who want to understand the main differences between ISO 31000:2018 and ISO 31000:2009


Basic understanding of ISO 31000 Risk Management principles, framework and process

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