Housekeeper/Executive Housekeeper

A professional Housekeeper’s primary role is to manage, direct and oversee the daily details and general operation of a home; Meticulous upkeep and maintenance of the formal/informal residence to ensure that each aspect of the home is operating at peak efficiency and assist Principals with overall household management. Responsibilities often include deep cleaning, organizing, laundry/ironing, shopping for household supplies, vendor supervision, cooking for the family, scheduling contractors and  supervising home maintenance projects. This position also provides additional support to the Principals and assistance with hands-on services such as shopping for personal items, coordinating weekly dinner menu, running errands, and occasionally working nights or weekends to maintain the home and provide assistance with the pets when the Principals are away.

Responsibilities include:

  • Deep, thorough cleaning and organizing the house from top to bottom   Dominion Consulting Nigeria
  • Vacuum surfaces and disinfect sanitary areas
  • Dust fine furnishings and delicate exteriors
  • Vacuum, wax and polish marble and hardwood floors
  • Special care for exotic hardwood and tile surfaces, porcelain sinks and bathtubs
  • Delicate touch required when cleaning antique and modern furnishings
  • Excellent knowledge in care and upkeep of fine linens, luxurious drapes and upholstery
  • Clean and polish hand-crafted chandeliers, lanterns and mirrors
  • Polish silver and  hand-wash stemware and fine china
  • Dust and polish elegant marble fireplaces, crown moldings and bronze staircases
  • Superior laundry skills (hand-wash, steam, press using mangle)
  • Kitchen maintenance including granite countertops, copper sinks, marble floors and kitchen cabinets
  • Proper knowledge in cleaning and maintenance of high-end European appliances (washer, dryer, oven, refrigerator, TV, etc.)
  • Wardrobe care including His and Her seasonal clothes (casual wear, evening wear, couture and shoes color-coded according to season)
  • Organize linen cabinets according to the number of bedrooms
  • Assist with all aspects of pet care – including, feeding, daily walks, grooming and vet appointments
  • Occasionally work nights or weekends to maintain the home and provide assistance with the pets when the Principals are traveling

Executive Housekeeper responsibilities:

  • Manage the residence to ensure it is operating efficiently and safely
  • Establish an inventory system to keep the home stocked with household supplies (food, office, floral arrangements, toiletries)
  • Prepare petty cash budget and reconcile all disbursements on a weekly basis
  • Develop creative ideas for improving space utilization and storage space
  • Schedule and oversee maintenance of all household appliances and machines
  • Coordinate contractor repairs and oversee projects to ensure repairs are completed satisfactorily
  • Propose recommendations to family for repairs, furnishings, relocation of equipment and items
  • Coordinate all household functions to maintain a clean and tidy home
  • Establish a functional household recycling system that aligns with city requirements
  • Provide hands-on assistance with planning weekly menu and prepare family (or gourmet) style meals
  • Greet guests and cater to their needs
  • Maintain live floral, plants and greenery

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