We work with small start-ups to get the right amount of process and procedure to remain agile. competitive and at the same time be able to grow in the marketplace.

When you start up a new business getting the right values set and the right team in place is key for the future of the business and this is where we can help. As we offer all HR under one roof we can help with the basics (contracts, policies etc) as well as recruitment, induction training and so on.  Dominion Consulting Nigeria

Many companies want the business to be as ‘entrepreneurial’ as possible, so without placing too much process into the company we will ensure that the fundamentals are in place to support rapid growth. We can create your HR back office from our extensive toolbox saving you time and money. We then work to ensure that the following fundamentals are in place to ensure business growth:

  • Support the Creation of your Strategic Objectives
  • Leadership Team are Engaged
  • An Effective Organisational Structures with Distinct Roles
  • Review & Recruit- To Foster the Right Leadership

If your company is looking for help in the areas of a proven HR setup, consider working with HR Experts like Dominion Consulting Nigeria. Kindly send your request to contacts@dominionconsulting.com.ng