Dominion Consulting Nigeria is a market leading HR consultancy and HR & Recruitment company with offices in the USA and Nigeria. We work in over 20 sectors. When you need an HR resource, Dominion Consulting Nigeria can respond quickly to your needs with high quality HR support.   Dominion Consulting Nigeria

We can work with clients on an hourly call-off basis or on a dedicated interim basis. We are cost effective in providing HR resource across the UK and have an extensive list of recent assignments displayed on our website. We have a live pipeline of several hundred HR professionals across the USA and Nigeria, ensuring we are in the best position to support you.

We are HR people hiring HR people so the quality will be second to none.

Few Reasons Why You need Dominion Consulting HR Services

  • Reducing Costs without Risking Quality
  • Productivity Improvement & Cost Reduction
  • Challenges in Attracting the Right Talent for a Job
  • Staff Turnover Reduction
  • Expansion Plan to other Countries outside the USA and Nigeria
  • The Desire to Improve HR Quality Internally