(ISO 27035):

The ISO 27035 course delivers practical knowledge and capacity to support and lead in management of information security incidents. Course participators are able to implement and manage an information security incident response plan and manage teams.

Currently, the possibility of security incidents in businesses calls for organisations to take prompt actions to identify, evaluate and adequately manage the incidents. Thus, the ISO/IEC 27035 provides the best practices and guidelines for conducting a strategic incident management plan and preparing for an incident response. It also incorporates specific processes for managing information security incidents, events and potential vulnerabilities.

We offer 2 professional levels of the Incident Management(ISO 27035) training:

  • Kickstarter (for beginners and inexperienced professionals interested in Information Security Incident Management)
  • Lead Incident Manager (for professionals seeking to implement Information Security Incident Managementorganisations)


Understand the basics of Information Security Incident Management and the practices

Comprehend the relationship between ISO/IEC 27035 and other standards and regulatory frameworks

Understand how Information Security Incidents can be managed using the process approaches

Ideal for;

Individuals interested/involved in Information Security Incident Management

Individuals seeking to understand the main processes and concept of Information Security Incident Management

Individuals who want to pursue a career in Information Security Incident Management

IT professionals


Basic knowledge of Security Incident Management is preferred

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The ISO/IEC 27035 Lead Incident Manager training equips you with the expertise you need to support implementation of an Information Security Incident Management plan in an organization.

  • Acquire indepth knowledge of the concepts, approaches, methods, tools and techniques that enables an effective Information Security Incident Management based on ISO/IEC 27035
  • Understand how ISO/IEC 27035 relates to other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Gain expertise to effectively advise organisations on the best practices of Information Security Incident Management
  • Understand the importance of establishing well-structured procedures and policies for Incident Management processes
  • Learn how to effectively manage an Incident Response Team

Ideal for;

Information Security Incident Managers

Managers who want to establish an Incident Response Team

Information security risk managers

IT professionals:- IT managers, IT Auditors, IT system administration personnel, IT network administration personnel

Members of Incident Response Teams

Managers of Incident Response Teams who want to increase their team’s efficiency


An understanding of ISO/IEC 27035 and comprehensive knowledge of Information Security is required for this training and certification

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