It is difficult to foresee when a pandemic will happen or its seriousness, hence the need to include Pandemic Planning within your organisation’s crisis communication and disaster recovery plan. Pandemic Planning is a documented approach that enables you to prepare for a prevalent and dangerous outbreak of an infectious life-threatening disease that may influence an organisation’s ability to perform crucial functions. Our Pandemic Planning courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and expertise in developing an efficient Pandemic Plan and support your ogranisation in effectively coping with such events. With our Pandemic Planning training, you would be able to proactively plan how your organization will manage, communicate, and sustain contact with your main members before, during and after serious pandemic circumstances.


This course is designed to help participants understand and become familiar with the basic concepts of pandemics, learn how to prepare and respond to global pandemics.

Learn the main concepts of pandemic preparedness and response

Comprehend the basic elements of a business continuity plan and how to respond to pandemics

Learn about pandemics and their impacts

Learn how to prepare for a pandemic

Learn how to respond to a pandemic

Learn how to communicate during a pandemic


Ideal for:

Business continuity managers

Members of business continuity teams

Crisis response team leaders and members

Owners of small-and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Individuals seeking to ensure continuity of essential processes in an organization during a pandemic

Owners, managers, and leaders seeking to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees