Private Chef

A private chef often possesses a formal culinary education and/or has apprenticed in fine dining establishments and works for a private family or individual. A private chef differs from a personal chef in that they focus their energy and creativity on one family or individual as opposed to providing occasional chef services to a variety of private clients at one time.   Dominion Consulting Nigeria

While each position has its unique demands, the duties of a Private Chef often include menu planning, family and staff meal preparation, food shopping, pantry inventory, wine pairing, formal table setting and service, and they may even acts as an in-residence kitchen design consultant. The nature of the position requires a constant “front-of-the-house” attitude.

Our impressive roster includes some of the city’s and the world’s most talented chefs.   Our chefs not only possess a formal culinary education, but many have backgrounds in 5 star hotels in addition to private homes.   With an immense and diversified candidate pool, we are able to assist any gourmand’s culinary needs.

We place a variety of chef positions to meet your different culinary needs including:

  • Full-Time or Part-Time Private Chefs
  • Corporate Dining Room Chefs
  • Summer Chefs
  • Short-Term Chefs

If you are looking to hire a qualified Private Chef (whether full-time or part-time or Holidays), please call one of our placement specialists today. You can get started now by sending your request to

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