SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Security Management:

SCADA is an industrial system that uses hardware and software architecture to enhance industrial operations by gathering, storing and processing data and report generation. This course empowers the SCADA manager to successfully implement and manage security programs for the SCADA system including risk management.

The SCADA application aids managers, engineers and industry operators in supervision and communication in the work place.

SCADA enables you to choose, plan and design technologies for improvement of the business processes and other utilities.

  • Comprehend the purpose, risks and risk management of SCADA systems, Distributed Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Define and design network architecture applying defense in advanced security controls for SCADA
  • Become an expert in supporting a pro-active SCADA security program including policies and vulnerability management
  • Comprehend the relationship between management, operational and technical controls in a SCADA security program
  • Gain competence to design resilient ad high availability SCADA systems
  • Learn how to manage a program of effective security testing activities
  • Be trained and certified as a SCADA Lead Security Manager


Ideal for;

Security professionals who want to boost their skills

SCADA system developers

SCADA engineers and operators

SCADA IT professionals

IT and risk managers seeking to broaden their technical skills and knowledge



A basic understanding of SCADA security is required for this training course

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