Social media marketing has transformed the approach to business promotion in the recent time. It helps companies of all sizes reach their target audience in no time.

Companies either big or small are all moving to social media platforms for marketing and communication purpose. Social Media Marketing has made it very easy and affordable for small businesses to reach their targeted customers. Companies do not have to pay a penny to communicate with their audiences.

By using social media, SMEs have the opportunity to influence how their potential customers perceive their brands everyday—for free!

However, it has to be targeted, purposeful, strategic and consistent to achieve the best result.

Dominion Consulting offers social media marketing services designed to help maximize the impact of your social media efforts. We specialize in all the social media—Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogging… you name it! Our social media gurus are pros at understanding and using keywords in social media, finding ways to spread your most important messages, and using software like Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts. We can also run social media campaigns to help you advertise an event, promotion, or product.

If you’re looking for reputation or brand management, we can help you respond professionally to positive and negative reviews, interact with your followers on a personal level, and find ways to spread your message in a way that is easily accessible to those on social media.


  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and more
  • Writing and scheduling posts
  • Using keywords
  • Social media ad campaigns
  • Blogging