Startup Consulting

Dominion Consulting Nigeria

Do you have an idea for a business, product, or service? Maybe you’ve already created a business plan but are stuck on marketing, or maybe you’re struggling to find financing. If you don’t know how to transform your plan into a viable business, a startup consultant can help.

Dominion Consulting professionals work closely with startup companies to diagnose areas of needs, challenges and prospects for scalability in a challenging environment.

We are avid group of consultants and coaches working with young startups to give them the requisite support that will catalyse their businesses for visibility and profitability. The daunting challenges of writing a winning business plan, go-to-market strategy, and pricing are taken care of by us. No doubt, the entrepreneurial journey from idea to established business is a long and winding one that is why we are positioned to help you through.

We have worked with scores of startups on their business plans, financial models, business models, market research in Nigeria.

The first thing to consider in starting a business is not capital but knowledge.

The most ideal time to seek for professional business advice and support is before starting a business and not after experiencing failures and confusion. Our consultants work directly with you to identify the most critical next steps and help them get executed. Questions clients have can be answered by consultants and advice can be given for greater return on investment.

Dividends of seeking early consulting

Clients, who work with consultants, understand much better the early stages of forming a business and venture. Clients gain faster expertise, which gives them an advantage in getting to the next phase quicker. In many case, consultants help clients avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. They also give advice and clear much up for their clients.

This frees the client up to focus on other vital elements of the newly formed enterprise. Business startup consulting takes the mystery out of the process for clients, which can be the most paralyzing for a new company. Consultants guide client’s through the startup process enabling them to focus on their long-term business vision and goals.

Other areas clients have benefited from our startup consulting service are viz:

Strategy & Planning

Dominion Consulting consultants help our SME clients through analysis, statistics, and strategy. Clients partner with experienced consultants to plan critical steps for their startup businesses.

Legal Business Formation

Clients have to form a legal structure for their business.Dominion Consulting`s consultants advise on options such as sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, and the pros and cons of it.

Business Structure Development

Startups have to execute multiple items simultaneously. Consultants can help assisting clients execute major critical steps in the early stages of the business.

Consultants` goal when working with startups is to help a client better understand all the early stage aspects of the business. The client is given insight and gains clarity through working with an experienced professional who has been through the process multiple times. Consultants may research and implement business solutions, marketing strategies, and strategic relationships that will take the client’s business to the next level.

Thinking of starting a new business, it pays to consult with an expert. A startup consultant guides and gives advice to his client through the critical early stages to avoid costly mistakes.