Businesses increasingly find it difficult to keep up to the myriad and abstruse taxation system. With growing impact of multiple and ever-changing tax jurisdictions, we help our clients to identify, minimize and manage the incidence of such taxes within the framework of applicable laws. We provide a comprehensive and practical Tax solutions emanating from our highly specialized and leading Indirect and Direct Tax practices.

Indirect Taxes

State Value Added Tax/ Sales Tax   Dominion Consulting Nigeria

 Rendering of advice on applicability and levy of VAT

 Compliance Review of the existing set up to advice on the effective systems & controls

 Tax audits under VAT laws

Direct Taxes

Income Tax – Corporate & Non-corporate

 Providing advice on applicability of Income Tax

 Compliance review of Income Tax system

 Planning of tax incidence within applicable framework

Service Tax

 Advising on the applicability and assistance in procedural compliance with complete outsourcing capabilities

 Review of the set up to confirm with the required legislations

 Planning of the incidence of tax at initial stage of the transactions

Tax Planning, management and compliance services

 Tax structure that is sustainable in law

 Detailed analysis of accounting statement based on identified contingencies and provisions.

 Employees orientation on basic requirements of law

 Transaction structuring

 Documentations, Records & Systems integration and Compliance

 System set-up and training

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